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Hoping someone could shed some light.

The Harper Collins version of 226 that came in a slipcase.

Was it shinkwrapped?

Krumhansl doesn't mention shrinkwrap but it does make sense to protect the book.

But ... how would you know it was signed and the number until you opened it?

Most importantly, did Harper Collins ever issue a non-signed, nunbered version in slipcase? Can't find any mention of such an issue.

Looking at one and like the fact it is in supposed 'original' shrinkwrap - but who knows what number or might be over run. Of course, I will be tearing shrinkwrap when it arrives!

Appreciate your thoughts.

I know that some people don't open shrinkwrap, but I always do. What if years from now, you sold it and the person stated that it was not signed? How would you know that they did not pull a swicheroo?

Plus, it could have been opened and re-shrinkwrapped.

I can't imagine that keeping the shrinkwrap on it adds one bit of value to it.

other than keeping the book in absolute mint, untouched condition, right?

but i agree with you bill. i tried to keep "the curse of lono" signed limited reissue wrapped up but after a few months i ripped it open one night while drunk to see the sigs...
... i ripped it open one night while drunk ...

these are the things to happen when you're drunk.
And: especially these kinda things should NOT be done, when drunk, due to the lack of fine motor skills.

(oh boy! The only time I take out my 'Crucifix' is when I'm drinking heavily with people and want to show it tho them - and it's Always a real Mess to flipp the belt around it again afterwards!)
Thanks for the responses.

My main concern is there was a non-signed version and the book dealer accuses me of switching signed for unsigned!

I think if I agree on a price I am going to have the dealer open the shrink wrap before he sends it.

Like someone else opening your Xmas present ... but when you collect books from Australia I guess there need to be some concessions made.


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