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I love his books, and have always read them in English. But a while ago I have stumbled upon a Russian translation of "Ham on Rye" - and it was just bloody awful. Not bad. Awful. To give you a feeling - "Ham on Rye" was translated as "Shit Sandwich". The whole book was translated quite similarly.

So, the question is - I'd like to translate a book by Bukowski - I'm sure I can do _a lot_ better than these guys. Who do I talk to? Local publisher, or holder of global rights?
I would guess that the people to approach would be HarperCollins

The HarperCollins Rights Departments handle requests for foreign and domestic publication rights including UK, translation, magazine, newspaper, book club, audio, paperback reprint, hardcover reprint, large print, television, motion picture (including props/set dressing), radio, dramatic, public readings, electronic reproduction, and other formats.

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