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I recently purchased a copy of War All The Time through Russle Norris and Abebooks. Well, needless to say it was supposed to be a Black Sparrow Press publication which is the only reason I went through Abebooks in teh first place. So I get the book...and it says ECCO on the spine. When I emailed the guy pissed off he acted as if nothing had happened. Since I can't really give him any sort of bad feedback...like on ebay, I thought I'd come to the next best place.


lol. yeah I'm still pissed about it. But you might say, well why not send it back, and if you're like me, you hate going through the hassle of sending shit back so that is out of the question. looks like i'll have two copies of this huh.


will reguards, (what a crock)
it's just sad. the ecco reprints are so cheap. you can't beat the all around feel of a Black Sparrow Publication. The ECCO pages are so thin and cheap its not even funny. The book doesnt seem like it'll last very long at all. I think i'll just keep it as a throw around copy and lend it to friends.

I will get my black sparrow edtion of this book. I'm a man on a mission.
A guy I work with - who I've never spoken to about Bukowski - came in today carrying an Ecco Ham On Rye. "I can't put this thing down! Why didn't anyone tell me about this guy before!"

So I guess the reprints serve their purpose. ;)

Thanks for the warning. Like you, I would automatically go to ABE (or eBay) for a Black Sparrow Press edition. Scary that who the publisher is makes no difference to some booksellers. On a related note, I recently visited Powell's Books in Portland and found only Ecco editions of Bukowski on the shelves, no Black Sparrows. They probably have BSP hardcovers in their rare book room, but nothing in the general new and used books.
I was just kinda pissed off because the only black sparrows I need now are War All The Time and Septaugenarian Stew.

Then after I get those I still need the three volumes of selected letters but I figure those can wait a little bit.
I've got most of the Bukowski Black Sparrows, but then I settle for paperbacks and later printings, so that's no great achievement. Maybe someday I'll get class and go for the hardcovers.

Like a fool, I sold all my John Fante Black Sparrow Press editions, and they're getting hard to find used. Fante has really gotten huge, deservedly so. I just reread ASK THE DUST and 1933 WAS A BAD YEAR: great and very good, in that order. And to think our boy Hank rediscovered Fante.

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