Sad poem about his wife and kid (1 Viewer)

I remember it was towards the back of a book I had from the library.
It's nighttime, I think he's in the kitchen.
He's being hard on himself because he isn't treating them right, I think.
He said something like "they didn't sign up for this"

Thank you, that poem was really comforting to me
There's a poem in What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk through the Fire titled What Do They Want? with these lines:
or say you scream at a child
or slap a woman—
as you walk into the kitchen
the eyes appear in the back of your brain
hang there
as you drink
It's also toward the end of that book (nudge-nudge, wink-wink), so...

P.S. It's a very peculiar poem, one of a couple of Buk's poems where he mentions those 'inner eyes.'

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