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Snowball Fight

You move like a giant, ancient fish...
Hi All,

My new chapbook Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang is now available.

This is my second published collection of poetry.

You can order from Poptritus Press or via my website:

If you order from me all prices are Canadian dollars so folks in the U.S. will save about 10% on the exchange. $8.00 + 2.00 S&H.

OK, so I'm delving into the subject matter of another thread here....
My chapbook includes a poem entitiled "Too Little". This poem first appeared on the Commonline Project website in early 2008. of the supposed editors of that e-zine is....Ananda Selah Osel!

Crazy, I know....

You can still find my work on that site by selecting Featured Contributors and clicking on "Cross, David". The poem has two stanzas: though you wouldn't know it reading it there...not hard to see where the break should be.

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