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Hi, I would like to sell some photographs of BUK (one is signed by him), an original letter from BUK to my father with enveloppe, a personalized signed novel and another personalized signed small booklet. I would be grateful for any recommendations. They belonged to my Dad who was a real Bukowski fan and involved to the distribution of Bukowskis works in Germany.


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If you want to entertain offers here you'll have to post some pictures.

Otherwise eBay is probably the place to go. You could wait for an auction at someplace like PBA, though after paying their ridiculous loan shark-like fees, you'd probably do just as well (or better) on eBay.
First thank you for the reply! Of course I can post pictures. And you are right concerning the fees from auctions. I did it once.....










Oh really? Nice to hear. He didnˋt miss any possibility to get in Touch with People who had the same interests... When was it?
In the attached file are more informations about the items I want to sell. If you need further informations, please let me know.

Hi Nimra, your dad Armin was a swell guy and true Buk-nut.
Also a member of the Bukowski-Society. He's been speaking at our symposiums, I think even twice.
And he wrote me a little piece about Benno Kaesmayr for our yearbook of 2010, not long before his death.

To the other cats around here, who don't know the man:
Armin Abmeier once published a beautiful, limited chapbook of "A Lengthy Rejection Slip" (German translation by Carl Weissner) with some nice illustrations.


He also was the guy, who invented the German title for 'Ham On Rye' (and as far as I remember also for the 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man').
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Hi Nimra, your dad Armin was a swell guy and true Buk-nut.
Oh Roni, thank you for the warm words. And yes he was!!

In „Die tollen Hefte“ he could bring together what he really loved: good stories and extraordinary illustrations. I am so lucky that Susanne is continuing the series.


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I drove with your father on a train from Andernach to Munich once, after a Symposium of the Bukowski Society.

We had a fascinating conversation in the restaurant car. We talked about T.C. Boyle, Botho Strauß and Bukowski. Time passed like nothing.

I loved listening to his stories.
I have no idea what the photo's would go for but as a group we should be able to identify best case and lower than this no deal rates. This is assumes no-one has PM'd their personal thoughts.

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