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Thank you for the sad news, but 91 years is a full life. He did not want to be famous and was in seclusion for the last 50 years.

I need to pull out that copy of Catcher in the Rye.

Time article.
Sad. It made me want to pull out Catcher in the Rye, and listen to which is one of the best tracks off of Chinese Democracy.
Note: This version is a rough demo, that's all I could find on utube.
As uncool as it apparently makes me, CATCHER has always meant a lot to me--and the dreamer in me hopes for a few astonishing posthumous books...but even without them, I'm glad for the few we've got.
"Anymore, I don't like to read. It bores me. I read four or five pages, and I feel like closing my eyes and going to sleep. That's the way it is. There are exceptions: J.D. Salinger; early Hemingway; Sherwood Anderson, when he was good, like Winesburg, Ohio and a couple of other things." Buk interview with R. Wennersten, 1974.
The only A grade I ever got in my whole life was writing an essay on The catcher in the rye when i was 16, all i did to get it was read it over and over again

I am just learning his death with this thread but I happened to think to him today, while reading an article about the last book from Joyce Maynard, an author I didn't know. The only line which caught my attention was the one revealing that she had been young Salinger's girlfriend.

Sad. It made me want to pull out Catcher in the Rye, and listen to
You're kidding? :D
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maynard's book about her life with salinger is pretty interesting - of course, who knows how much is 'truthful' or embellished, but it's a great read.
I know 'everyone' has read Catcher but I still love it anyway. I must have read it about 7 times. Franny and Zooey is excellent too in my view.
I made the mistake of putting off reading Catcher In The Rye until I was about 30. And it didn't resonate like Raise High/Intro or Franny and Zooey did for me at the age of 17, 18. That seems blindingly obvious now, but back then my thinking was "Catcher In The Rye is for the masses, man. I'm part of the Glass family." Yes I was that stubbornly elitist and I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and slap myself.

I personally don't think he ever stopped writing at all. My guess is that there are plenty of manuscripts stashed away, but who would he have trusted to select and edit and publish his work ?

Hmmm... can we look forward to a stunning announcement from BoS Press very soon ? :D
Yeah, there are supposed to be loads of novels / short stories that he kept back until after his death. It'll certainly be interesting to see what they're like.
It sounds legit. That makes me want to read that Takimag.

I'm reading Catcher in the Rye and it turns out this will be my first time. I could never finish it before.
Now that I'm finished reading the book I wonder how long before someone paints or carves Fuck You on his headstone? It's almost like he would have wanted it that way.

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