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Came across Bukowski on another forum when someone posted a little bit of 'Roll the Dice' and it stuck. I live many of those words as an artist.

So now I've read
Post Office
Ham on Rye

working on the rest

I once worked at the Post Office in the summer of 1992 when I was in college my experiences were different but many similarities also did a short film in Hollywood and saw many of the things he wrote about while making a film. Ham on Rye, well, who has had a 'normal' child hood?

Haven't we all been through beatings by drunken step dads? Molested by uncles.... oh that's my story....

Most of the Bukowski Tapes, I could find, I have posted at dailymotion

[Removed link to commercially available stuff - support the creators. - ed.]

My favorite tape is #37 when he talks about skid row, there are people who are thrown down there, the "cockroach people" and he just wanted to escape.

To me, there's a lot of truth in "Roll the Dice", I hope to find others here whom also live by this.
I removed the link to The Bukowski Tapes on because I thought they were still available on DVD, but now that I look at the Amazon link they are all from third parties, so maybe it's out of print. But I'm not sure, so let's still try to support the creator.
not to be argumentative, but

1) Out of print does not mean public domain. Someone still owns the legal rights to release the videos in the future.
2) Fair use does not allow for the full reproduction of the entire work.

Bill is correct. Fair use in any media generally means you can make a full copy for your own personal use (think of a scholar copying something in the library), or you can publish some small percent of a work (10 or 20%?) in a review or other original work. Or something along those lines. I'm no lawyer. Not to be argumentative, either.

Anyway, hello.

Man, relax.
[...] thought they were still available on DVD, but now that I look at the Amazon link they are all from third parties [...]
yeah, it's sad - this wonderful gem has been out of print for a couple of years again! It was such a nice box with the booklet. Too bad, really! (Well, I'm a lucky guy to have bought it, when it was still available. Would love to offer it to my customers too, but it ain't possible.)
I bought a Barfly DVD set a couple of weeks ago in Berlin, and if I'm not mistaken, the Bukowski Tapes were included in that set. I'll have to check when I'm back home.

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