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Well after tearing through every bit of information on this site I finally decided to join. I've been a huge fan of Bukowski for a while now and would have to say my favorite book is Women, my favorite short story is Life and Death in the Charity Ward and my favorite poem as cliché as it sounds mentioning is Bluebird. Ta ta for now...
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WELCOME to the forum! That is a TON of information to have gone thru on the site.

Great to see another East Coaster here. Gettysburg is a cool town. I used to go there often.

Well all the info on the main site, the forum I probably wont get to 10% of it but I have a good bit of time to kill at work so I will do my best! Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome, M.Chambers!

I haven't been to Gettysburg since I was too little to remember. My family and I used to go through there on our way to upstate New York to visit relatives.

I like Women, too. I can't really pick a favorite poem, but "Grandma" from Flash of Lightning (or is it Thunder?) comes to mind often.

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