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hello, i'm 17 and have been heavily into Bukowski now for about two years. I first read Post office in the library . like bukowski said about discovering Fante it really was like finding gold in the city dump.the day after reading post office i went out and bought every Buk book i could find. I can honestly say it was the smartest thing i've ever spent my money on. since then you could count the days on your fingers that have gone by were i haven't a least read a poem or short story of his.
I look forward to spending time on this forum with other bukowski freaks
Nice yodabert

Not Yodowski I am.
But my master he is.

i've still got a year left of secondary school (high school) and after that who knows. i've never been good at making plans. if a college here taught an english class on a writer i don't find completly boring and irrelavent i might consider. Shakespeare never did this
most of the time i feel the same way. although i do have a cool english teacher who listiens to my mad theories and excepts my irrational hatred W.B Yeats.
Welcome to the forum Mel.
I spent several weeks in Ireland and must admit i love the country, the people and the pubs of course.
There were also a lot of bookshops in Dublin and Galway with Bukowski stuff included.
bukowski books are actually suprisingly easy to find in ireland especially around Dublin. i've never had any real hassle getting any bukowski title i wanted. i've never particularly liked living in Dublin but to each there own
welcome, Mel.
glad you're here. enjoy the view, spend some time in our pool and hot tub.
and don't forget the free continental breakfast! there's an additional charge for late check out.

or something.

seriously, welcome.

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