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Until now I thought the snaps Sam Cherry took were merely incidental byproducts of his sons relationship with Bukowski.

What do i know. Thanks for posting.
There's many of the 11 Buk photo's on the website I have'nt seen before. When I saw the photo of Buk, Linda King, Neeli and an (to me) unknown couple with a child, I couldn't help smiling. It's the same photo Neeli used in his Buk bio, but in the bio the photo was cropped so you only see Buk, Linda King and Neeli!
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Yes, of course, photo 9! :o - I thought it looked a bit like him but I wasn't sure. I've never seen a photo of a young Neeli without beard and glasses before. Thanks, ROC...
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yeah, nice pics.
I wish they were downloadable/safeable.
Your wish is my command:

Sam Cherry and Neeli Chekovski were there. It was a popular show tonight lots of hipsters showed up, including one of my sons.;)
I met S A Griffin and his wife and John Dorsey was out here as well. They all think this is a great resource for information about Bukowski. So basically, it was a pleasant meeting and I would think, successful show. I was told Linda Bukowski was coming but I left at 8:15.
Neeli is a super nice guy and did a talk about his father's work and spoke about hanging out with Bukowski.
I met Gerard K H Love at the show, and I have to say that he looks nothing like his avatar.

If Linda wasn't there by 8:15 she probably didn't show.

The show was okay, but the Bukowski stuff was kind of ill-chosen I think. Considering the number of photos Cherry must have taken, the things they put up on the wall were kind of lackluster.

I get the feeling that a lot of the pictures were snapshots made on cheap cameras. Some were obviously better quality than others, but the Bukowski images were kind of a small part of the show.

I give the show an "eh." I wouldn't recommend driving in from Nevada or anything to see it. It was best for meeting some of the people you've only read about, as Gerard K H Love did.

The individual prints, incidentally, were priced at $800.

The box set of all the prints was there...the clamshell/box is kind of cheap looking. I'd be disappointed to lay out the five figures they want for that and then be handed that production.
Thanks, for the rundown! Did any of you shoot some pics from the event?

Too bad the prints were so expensive. If they sold them much much cheaper, they could sell a bundle to the ordinary Buk fans and maybe even make more money that way...
They were probably expensive because they were 1/12. But I agree, you could make a tidy profit selling large prints like that for $100 each, and sell a lot more in the long run.

Photography rarely works that way though. Photo collectors want the same thing book collectors do: first editions (or in the case of photography, prints made or supervised by the photographer) and rarity.
Hey all,

I went to the opening and took lots of pictures. Then I got home and found out something was wrong with my camera and now I can't figure out how to get the pics onto my computer.

I had a good time. Some of the shots I'd seen; others I hadn't. The stories attached to many of the pics -- even those I'd seen before -- really shed some light on the context of them. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about the tale of Buk talking about riding rails only to discover he'd never done such a thing.

If I can fix my computer, I'll try to post some pics.
I hope you weren't wearing a beret and pushing Sam Cherry around in a wheel chair.;)

If anyone's camera should work it would be his.

I couldn't get over how many dogs were there- and I don't mean just some of the girls. It's a good thing the corgi didn't come, he would have ripped it up.
It's Santa Monica. People there are entitled to do anything they want to do, didn't you know that? If those dogs had shit all over the gallery floor, their owners would have just walked away, expecting the next Mexican who came by to clean it up.

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