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Did Same Old Thing Shakespeare To Mailer ever appear in Wormwood itself, or was it only used as a
mailer from Malone? And is the mailer the broadside mentioned in the checklist? I know the poem
itself is available here, my question is about appearances. Any help would be great. A cigar for all my
Actually, the Same Old Thing MAILER did not appear in Wormwood. It was a stand-alone piece using the Bukowski poem
"Same Old Thing," which appeared in issue #11 of Wormwood.
Like the contributions already, please don't stop. I think 95% of the folks on here would have wished Marvin was his posthumous editor.

A burning question I have: I know Marvin had several (if not many) more Buk poems he could have published before his death. Did Mr. Martin send an injunction letter of some sort after Marvin died? I noticed there were no Buk poems in the final Marvin Malone issue of Wormwood -- although it's a great issue.
Good to see you 'round these parts again, Christa. The mailer reproduces pages 2 and 3 of Issue #11 side-by-side as they would look in the magazine, on one side - page 2 with Buk's Same Thing... and page 3 with James Hazard's The Gun. Of course, pages 2 and 3 wouldn't be on the same piece of paper in the magazine itself.

And there is one Buk poem in the Festschrift, on page 8.
Yes, there was a considerable backlog of Bukowski poems accepted for Wormwood when Marvin died in 1996. Sixty-some poems, I seem to remember. I sent them all back to Linda Bukowski with a letter. No response from her. I also sent her copies of all the letters Bukowski sent to my father over the years, which are in the Wormwood archive at SUNY Buffalo now, about 120 letters. No acknowledgment from her.
I'd bet a (digital) copy of those manuscripts and latters to, say, a certain website and/or to a certain literary society would give you credits and acknowledgement in abundance.
It only took me 8+ years to figure out some confusion here. Christa rightly referred to the promotional piece as a "mailer" (if you flip it over, on the back of the two poems, it's clearly intended to be folded twice and either stapled or taped and mailed out as a promotional item). But the title of Buk's poem includes reference to Norman Mailer (I can only assume). So it was a mailer that referenced Mailer.

Anyway, I noticed something mildly odd about this tonight. The mailer indicates the following for attribution on page 2:

- Charles Bukowski
Los Angeles, California
- 2 -​
Wormwood Issue 11 has this:

- Charles Bukowski
Los Angeles, Calif.
- 2 -
So the mailer is not a copy of the actual pages from the issue. The location of Buk's name and the location of the page number are also slightly different (similar differences are on page 3). I find this odd, if of no use/importance whatsoever.

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