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I was thinking that it would be great to have a list of those poems published two or three times with different titles. According to Martin, it was Bukowski who changed the titles and also revised the poems for book publication.

-"my old man" [Love Is a Dog from Hell] reprinted as "acceptance" [The People Look Like...]

-"existence" [Sciamachy #5, 1963] collected as "life at the P.O." [The People Look Like...]

-"export" [Descant v.6 no.1, 1961] collected as "passage" [The People Look Like...]

-"a plate glass window" [Love Is a Dog from Hell] reprinted as "near a plate glass window" [The People Look Like...]

I'm sure there are many more, we ony have to spot them...
-"grip the light" [Poetry/LA #4, 1982] collected as "grip the dark" [The People Look Like...]

-"the elephants" (Throb #1, 1971) collected as "the elephants of Vietnam" [The People Look Like...]
I just came across a poem originally titled "the dwarf with the big punch" (Literary Times, 1967) collected in The People Look Like... as "the dwarf with a punch". I'm not including these poems in the list of poems with different titles because there are many examples of slight changes as that one. However, if a given poem first appeared in a BSP book and then it was published AGAIN in a BSP book with the same title or a very similar title, I will list it (as "a plate glass window" becoming "near a plate glass window")
-"an empire of coins" [Roominghouse] reprinted as "an empire of coins" [Betting on the Muse]. The same poem was probably published for the first time as "information upon an empire of coins" [Renaissance #3, 1962] but I can't confirm that becase I don't have a copy of the poem published in Renaissance.

-"Love Song To A Woman Who Visited Santa Anita On A Wednesday" [Sun #4, 1962] collected as "love song to the woman I saw Wednesday at the racetrack" [The People Look Like...]

-"The girl outside of strawberry patch # 1" [Intrepid # 25-35, Anthology, 1976] collected as "the girl outside" [The People Look Like...]
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Well, this is good information, and a master list would be a great thing to compile.

It raises hell with the database, but maybe in a good way (good in that any changes always get me working on the new db, even if only for a day or two).
more hell :D

-"in a neighborhood of murder" [Love Is a Dog from Hell] reprinted as "I live in a neighborhood of murder" [The People Look Like...]

This is the second poem from Love Is a Dog from Hell which I find reprinted -with minor changes- in The People Look Like... and to think Love Is a Dog from Hell is not my fave book!

"flashing white teeth" [LA Freep #550, 1975] collected as "perfect white teeth" [The People Look Like...]

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