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Charles Bukowski – the laughing heart

A 95th Birthday Celebration

SAN PEDRO, CA Charles Bukowski: the laughing heart - A 95th Birthday Celebration is a tribute to the laughing heart and legendary writer Charles Bukowski, (1920 -1994). Taking place on his 95th birthday Sunday, August 16th in historic downtown San Pedro, the event will include a feature film screening based on one of his novels, poetry and art contests, readings of selected Bukowski works, Q&A, a curated exhibition of images taken by several leading professional photographers, books, Bukowski ephemera, and souvenirs for purchase.

Presented by the San Pedro International Film Festival
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Don't ask questions. Bukowski scholars is all you need to know. Don't you know that everything associated with Bukowski is of the utmost secrecy? Come on man, stop playing dumb. What are you, a spy?!

And not for nothing, but Bukowski scholars are really fun to hang around with. You'll have the time of your life. It's like a 24 hour party when Bukowski scholars are in the house. Woot woot! Scholartime! Woot woot!

And San Pedro in the middle of August is utterly delightful. The distinctive, percolating aromas alone will make it well worth the trip.
Film Festivals are good. If somebody made a Bukowski movie you could show it along with a few other films. That would be a film festival.

This event sounds like a less funny version of Weekend At Bernie's though. Will somebody will be there with a life-size Bukowski puppet, or maybe a Buk-Suit, for photo opps and playing pin-the-tail-on-Bukowski. Or if not, will there at least be alcohol be flowing like wine? That might make it tolerable in an 'I have an ulcer but at least I can't feel it right now' kind of way.

You haven't eaten soup until you've slurped it off a Prague spoon. Just saying. Any Bukowski scholar will tell you that.

Little known fact: when you get your Bukowski PhD they give you a golden spoon. Not a spoon made of actual gold, but still.
I was a guest speaker at the 2012 Spoonies. And I gave the Lifetime Achievement Award to Orson Welles. Posthumously, of course. That guy knew his spoons.
Little known fact: when you get your Bukowski PhD they give you a golden spoon. Not a spoon made of actual gold, but still.

Cheapskates! Everybody knows spooning with an actual gold spoon will give you the best kinda spooning.
what he means is you get spooned by an actual bukowski scholar.

don't know if that's better or worse...guess it depends on which scholar spoons you
Is it just me or the line up is not included in the link? I mean there's a poet laureate but what about the q&a?
I'm going by the way. Incognito 8-))
Who cares about a q&a when there's a "poetry slam." A poetry reading contest for a poet who hated readings.
Something for all the "little Chinaskis" to enjoy I guess. Fucking vomitus.
Need a spoon for that? ;)

Dora, the guests are mentioned in the website, scroll to the red portion. We are adding more and there's some we are not "advertising". Thanks and see you there.
I still don't see anything about pin-the-tail-on-Bukowski OR a life-size Bukowski puppet walking around being exponentially more interesting than all other attendees. Starting to get the sense that my feelings really don't matter.

The guests don't sound terrible but you should cancel the contests. Don't turn Bukowski into a carnival attraction lady.

Last I heard there's no law against being creative when it comes to organizing events. Get some fucking pep in your step and make this thing crackle and pop.

For example and I'm just spitballing here if the poetry slam required severe intoxication as a condition of entry, that would be LIFE happening. If ANYBODY actually DOES ANYTHING ALIVE ... That seems like a good litmus test for whether an event has happened. Maybe you can pay Mike from the other thread to come in and grab old ladies asses or challenge people to dnd.
Oh Michael C. Ford! that guy is everywhere, it will be nice to see him again :)
Too bad you couldn't get @David Calonne to come over, I haven't seen him for ages.

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