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Not sure if I should post these here. I'm having trouble getting the database to search for titles. Everything comes up "no match".

The Santa Fe New Mexican was a daily newspaper (listed in the magazine section of the database a couple of times). They had a Sunday section titled Pasatiempo (translated as hobby/pastime?) and, for a while an "American Poet" section. Bukowski, Jean Rosenbaum (Outcast), Marvin Malone and Judson Crews made that section.

Poems by Bukowski: And the Mouse Knows and the Windowpane and the Chair (March 21, 1965); Cement Man on Cement Horse (April 4, 1965); My Eyes Sleep (April 11, 1965); We Knew We Were Dead (May 2, 1965); and, My Mother, Bless Her (October 17, 1965).

santa fe new mexican 19650321 bukowski mouse windowpane chair.png santa fe new mexican 19650404 bukowski cement man cement horse.jpg santa fe new mexican 19650411 bukowski my eyes sleep.jpg santa fe new mexican 19650502 bukowski we knew we were dead.jpg santa fe new mexican 19651017 bukowski my mother bless her.jpg


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Thanks for posting these. Interesting that in the first one, his name is misspelled "Chanler Bukowski" and in the second one he's "Bukewski"

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