Scarlet 1976.


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$300 for any signed Bukowski is a reasonable deal, and for a short-run "special" like that, I think it's very good.

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Non-US auctions often seem to end at lower prices too. Unless of course, you tell everyone about them ;)
Going rate about two years ago was $500-$600. So, it reflects the economy rather well, unlike many books that are still priced as if it were 2007.
Yes. It's a very nice book, but these four poems are all available in Love is a Dog. For $400, you could get a nice copy of Crucifix with plenty left over for another signed item, or a copy of At Terror Street. In either case, you'd be getting a much more historically important book that also contains otherwise uncollected poems.

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You are right PS.
I have decided to let it go, but I made him an offer just in case the book does not sell.
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