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My dad's asked me: "What is the title of the Bukowski story where the guy throws the bag of shit over some guy's fence? I know it exists buy can't find it..." I've been racking my brain and can't come up with it. Is it in Ham on Rye? Anybody remember?


Reaper Crew
There's this in his story Night Streets of Madness:
the kid was gone. I had to take a shit. the toilet was clogged; the landlord gone for 3 days. I took the shit and put it in a brown paper bag. then I went outside and walked with the paperbag like a man going to work with his lunch. then when I got to the vacant lot I threw the bag. three forewords. 3 bags of shit. nobody would ever understand how Bukowski suffered.
No fence and no other guy there, sorry.

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