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Screams from the Balcony #245/300 (1 Viewer)

I just got back from the local Powell's Bookstore and bought "Screams from the Balcony" #245/300 with the silkscreen for $19.95 !!! Above the signature they had written (in pencil) "Signature not authentic". Well, I have Aaron Krumhansl's Bibliography and this is the real deal. Score!!!!!
My wife don't get my obsession with Bukowski and i just wanted to share...with someone.
Thanks. -Jerry
Congrats! That's some find. I love the "Signature not authentic" bit.
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Thanks! I've been pretty lucky in my finds: 1st pb women @goodwill for $3; 1st pb post office $10; 1st erections, ejaculations,; $12; deluxe Krumhansl $8 (i actually found two. they were @ powell's way up on a shelf, in the psychology section, not even in the computer.) 1st hb hollywood $11, 1st numbered the night torn mad...$28 I have other hardbacks that i got but those were the steals!

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