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So, I picked up a numbered, illustrated copy of Screams From The Balcony yesterday, and I was pretty excited about it...
By far the most money I've ever spent on a single book. But still, it's my first signed Buk book, and it was
decently affordable, compared to most other signed editions. Anyway, I get it home, and I look up the description
in Krumhansl, and there is one difference: the transcription of the colophon statement in Krumhansl mentions that
the numbered, illustrated version has a SIGNED silkscreen tipped in as well as a signed blank page. When describing
the actual book, Krumhansl also notes that the silkscreen is signed. In my copy, the colophon simply references
an original silkscreen (nothing about it being sighend), and of course, the silkscreen is not signed (well, I guess
his signature is part of the silkscreen, but that doesn't count).

So, my question... could this be an error in Krumhansl? I haven't been doing this long enough to decide that that's
what it is... but now I'm scared I got some sort of really intricate knock-off or something (even though everything else, including
the spine color, and the Buk signature seem to be as described in the biblio). Does anyone else have a copy
of this book with a signed silkscreen?

Oh, one other thing- mine is numbered "191/300" instead of just "191". I'm wondering if this is because there are
two separate numbered editions (and the handwriting looks like Martin's), although I remember reading somewhere
that the numbers were never written as "XXX/XXX". I guess I'm just paranoid and nervous, because I don't want to get
scammed... I did buy it from a store on Abe, so there is recourse, but still.
I don't have my copy at hand but yes, it's quite possible that it was an error in the bibliography. Since AK is now on the forum maybe he can address that.

As far as I can tell, the books with artwork bound in were generally numbered xxx/xxx as you mentioned. The regular signed and numbered books sans art were numbered xxx.
Yes. I took a look at mine and it appears to be signed-in-the-plate (an etching term -- probably the wrong terminology for silkscreens). There should probably be a separate thread for errors in the bibliography so that Aaron doesn't have to search the forums for corrections.
screams from the balcony

well one question answered :
my copy says 600 special hardcover copies
are numbered & signed
& 326 numbered & lettered copies handbound
in boards by Earle Gray,each with an original silkscreen
print by Charles Bukowski.

who is Earle Gray? what is his phone number?
anyone anyone.nevermind

i'm gonna go listen to bukowski reading
'genius of the crowd' and the fast read 'the lady with the legs'
that wouldn't come up in the DATAbase..jab jab jab.....

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