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Like the Poetry Now post just something for the magazine archive. Bar Chatter and Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anybody Else But Me. Both are collected in posthumous books with changes made. Apple Tree in Scree is the same as the manuscript.

Other poets in this issue include David Barker, Gerald Locklin, Lyn Lifshin, Ronald Koertge, Jack Grapes, and FA Nettlebeck. Poop by Locklin is one of my favourites by him. Also some poems by Albert Drake who has gone on to get a bunch of car books published. That explains the poems 1939 Mercury and 1934 Terraplane.

(And now I'm hearing Edith Bunker singing "don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me me me me....")


Hey, I'm in there? Cool. I thought that title sounded familiar. It's odd that you mention Albert Drake. I've been interested in him for ages, and have a couple of his early car poetry books from the 1970s. Really good stuff. I've tried but not learned too much about him. There's a guy with the same name that currently writes non-fiction about hotrods. Is that the same guy? Either he stopped writing poetry, or he maintains a very low profile as a poet. Any info you can share on him, Digney?
Hi David, You have two poems in this issue of Scree: The People Are Tired and Rough Day at Work. Enjoyed rereading both.

Scree 22/23 is a folded tabloid, two sections, not newsprint but a heavier bond. Editor/Publisher Kirk Robertson included portfolio review sections for some poets -- Gerald Locklin and Albert Drake were two -- that had a checklist of books to 1983.

Albert Drake's checklist includes books back to 1968, the last two being published by Motorbooks International. Funny I recently saw his Big Little GTO Book (MBI, 1983) available 2nd hand at a local book store. Didn't buy it as I was more excited about getting a Henry Gregor Felsen pocket book, Hot Rod. I'll have to go back.

I have a couple Drake books dealing with hot rodding: Hot Rodder! and Fifties Flashback.

He does have a site that features his books and his passion for cars.
I probably have that issue of Scree, somewhere in all this chaos. The next time I dig in my box of old contributor copies, I'll look for it and check out that Albert Drake checklist. The two chapbooks of Drake's that I have (going from memory) are called Returning to Oregon and Riding Bike in the 50s (great cover photo of him on an old motorcycle on that one.) Those I do know where they are, and if I find the time I'll post photos of them.

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