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"Rapper Pimp C, an influential hip-hop figure credited with helping launch the popularity of Southern rap, was found dead Tuesday morning at an upscale hotel on the Sunset Strip."

Seen leaving the scene in a rush and clutching a box of Bukowski books was a shadowy teetotaller who refused all requests for interviews and declined to leave his name. Bystanders swore that the person in question was heard to mutter "It began as a mistake".
spice 1 was shot too. hope he pulls through.
ugk put out one of the best albums this year, sad news.
pimp c is dope, he did all the beats for ugk and also sang the hooks,
he didn't just rap.

r.i.p. pimp c
Twice in the last 3 weeks, I have had to file these numbers :



Very amusing that I dodged Satan in a couple decimal points.
And my crops are not smitten.
And my loins are not barren.

Thank God.
debating music taste is like debating religion,
no one wins.

agree to disagree, bygones be bygones.
eat your vegetarians,
i think one just had a bday.

give more head.
[Chorus: Pimp C singing]
Lord it's so hard, living this life
A constant struggle each and every day
Some wonder why, I'd rather die
Than to continue living this wayyy

[Pimp C:]
Ughhhh, I don't wanna do this no mo' (no mo')
But dis the only thang that I know
I keep a pistol in my back, and a gauge on the flo' (flo')
The laws and the d-boys wanna kick in my do' (do')
I'm a d-boy, didn't graduate
But I, got Ph.D from Pimp State
And I, got a Master's Degree in movin weight
And my, people dependin on me but they gon' be straight
UHH - I wanna go to service
But I ain't been in so long, kinda make me feel nervous (nervous)
Cause they be lookin at me funny
Watchin the plate when I tithe, put in my money (money)
I don't wanna go back to that hell
Rather be dead than doin life in a jail cell
Die young oh well (well) I had a good life (life)
They rappin 'bout it but I'm out here payin the price

Pimp C:]
UNGGHH~! I know you bless the child that go get it
I'm the product of the ghetto, the flame of the city
So I talk the language of the ave
Forgive my dirty mouth please, I'm whippin slabs
Fifties, quarters and the whole thangs
Balance on my life on the fo' beam
And I need codeine just to say sane
I'm steady prayin to you but I don't know your real name

But I'm under the impression that if your heart is in the right place
Your prayers gon' get heard anyway
So some say Jah Jah, some say Allah
Some say Jesus, some say... Yeshua Ben'ta, knahmalkinbout
Ay man I just look like this man, knahmtalkinbout
I ain't get this far bein no square man
You wanna hide some'n from black folks, they say you can put it in a book
I don't believe that
Cause I done read fo' libraries worth of books
I got some knowledge y'all need to get up on mayne
But hold a pair of hearts, knahmtalkinbout
For they laws and power, knahmsayin the art of war
The secret societies of America, knahmtalkinbout
Everythang ain't what it look like man
And don't judge every book by it's cover... ya dig!
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