Searching for a poem/short text about his father, i quote from the audio I have (1 Viewer)

Hi, I am looking for a poem (?) about his father. I know it only from an audio recording, so I do not know if it exists in written form.

My father was…

one can of beer

A day at the ballgame

A color tv

A lawn to mow

A son in college

A pool table

A power saw

A workbench

A joke about sex

A child to scream at and maybe to hate

A door to lock

A bank to visit

Four pair of shoes

A light suit, a dark suit

A deck of cards

Hospital insurance

Life insurance

An inner spring mattress

A talking barber

Memories of war

A diploma

An attic

Fire insurance

A pet dog

A pet cat

A camera tape recorder

A Christmas eve

A chicken dinner

A thanksgiving dinner

A Sunday drive




Garbage disposal

The right to vote

A mahogany coffin

One day of mourning

Forget it

Does anyone know more? Where was is it released, when and where? Would be very happy :)

Simon :)

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