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I knew it would be bad, but it was late and I might have been high, so I put it on and it was worse than bad, it was boring. Will Ferrell is one of those guys who when I see he's in a movie I'll always watch it thinking, "Oh, he's funny, it'll be funny," but it rarely is.
mjp, is that you?

this doesn't qualify as bad or good but maybe the most unenjoyably stress-inducing, tension filled, jump startling with no payoff movies
i've ever made the mistake of watching.

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another wasted credit on Kanopy. director attempting to recapture whatever "magic" that was
in "Dazed and Confused" (which i thought was good)

Yeah, that was a stinker. I was looking forward to it (it has the baseball!) but it was a disappointment.
"A disgraced children's puppeteer must confront his sinister stepfather and a hideous puppet he keeps hidden in a brown leather bag in order to escape the dark horrors of his past."

it got good reviews. but that description sounds sketchy...
Gray, you blew It for me!!!! ???

No, I haven’t watched it yet, it is on a USB key. I’ll watch it tonight. My son watched it and he said that it was pretty good, well casted.
omg sorry! - hope you were (half?) joking. i copy/pasted it from the rotten tomatoes site.

don't know if i mentioned this one in the "movies" thread but it was bad/ridiculous/fun -


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