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I just returned from seeing Michael Clayton. Very, very good film. All three central actors - George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson, and Tilda Swinton - deliver the goods. This is the kind of thriller I like. A minimum of gunplay/violence and no goddamned car-chases or exploding helicopters, thank you very much. Hitchcock managed to enthrall the viewer without overly-relying on such action gimmicks*, and so does this director, Tony Gilroy. You either have a strong script, or you don't. This one centers around a law firm defending a rotten international agriculture corporation, but there's nothing dry or boring about it.

* I know, I know....Psycho, The Birds, etc... But he didn't have to solely rely on them to keep you involved.

Jellon Lamb: Forgive me, sir, but I've been stuck here with no one but this sorry sack of Hibernian pig shit for conversation. Poor, poor Dan O'Reilly. Sit, sir. Drink with me.
[Charlie cocks his gun and points it to Lamb]
Charlie Burns: One more crack about the Irish, Mr. Lamb, and I'll shoot you. Am I clear?
Jellon Lamb: Oh, as the waters of Ennis, sir. Let us drink, then, to the Irish. No finer race of men have ever... peeled a potato.
[Charlie cocks his gun again and points it to Lamb]
Charlie Burns: Do you pray, Mr. Lamb?

A friend of mine (a screenwiter himself), just recommended this the other day. That dialogue looks terrific. I need to hunt this one down, too. Thanks for posting, Erik.

My favorite exchange of dialogue in Michael Clayton occurs between Clooney, a lawyer trying to help his partner, played by Wilkinson, who is in the grips of a manic episode...

Wilkinson : I don't know who I am anymore !

Clooney : You are the senior litigating partner in Kenner,Bach & Ledeen. You are a legend !

Wilkinson : I am Shiva ! The God of Death !

Clooney : (sigh) Let's get out of Milwaukee and we'll talk about it.

mystery train
saw this a couple of nights ago
it was an o.k. film
not a bad acting by the late joe strummer
and the young japanese actress
yuki kudoh......hottie

the red violin
i saw this one some years ago
and again last night
a great film in my opinion
outstanding story, photography, acting
and soundtrack


stop the penistry
so i'm up to episode 12 of the first season of deadwood, about a third of the way into it... and the disk decides to fuck out. if someone had mentioned timothy olyphant was the star of this show, i would have gone out of my way to watch this A LOT sooner...


stop the penistry
yeah, i kinda wondered whether it was such a good idea to let myself get sucked into something i knew was going nowhere.


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There's another great show that didn't get a proper sign-off, but they kind of improvised one in the last episode that was still very touching.

I's not an extremely realistic HBO crusty type of thing, and it's kind of old, and it may "out" me as a softie, but it was called Northern Exposure, and if you stick with it it, is really rewarding in a kind of idyllic, idiosynchronic but ultimately always funny way.

I think it's perhaps the best network "dramedy" ever produced (it sort of invented the genre). Kind of the anti-Twin Peaks (which I would also highly recommend, though putting the complete Twin Peaks set together on DVD is difficult and expensive).

There is a horribly awful show on now called Men In Trees that is a direct and shameless rip-off of Northern Exposure with none of the charm, originality, writing or acting talent, and every time I see it flash by I wonder, "how the fuck can they do that?!" It's an abomination, and I think I should get Howard Sounes to do something about it. It has to be copyright infringement...


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There's another great show that didn't get a proper sign-off, but they kind of improvised one in the last episode that was still very touching.

I's not an extremely realistic HBO crusty type of thing, and it's kind of old, and it may "out" me as a softie, but it was called Northern Exposure, and if you stick with it it, is really rewarding in a kind of idyllic, idiosynchronic but ultimately always funny way.

it does surprise me that you liked it.
but it is one of my fav's.
tho it's no secret I'm a softie.


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Yeah, I liked it enough to have all 120 episodes on VHS tape, which, I noticed when I moved recently, take up a hell of a lot of space.

The DVDs, of course, take up considerably less space, but I still have the tapes. Why? I don't know. I filled literally half a dumpster with tapes when we were moving, but I saved those. I suspect it has something to do with being crazy.
Not too bad ? NOT TOO BAD ! :(

(I am obviously a bigger fan of this film than most people - anyway)
Tilda Swinton won an Oscar tonight for Michael Clayton.

Okay, okay, it was good, real good. Tremendous performances from Swinton, Clooney and Wilkinson. Great stuff.
We got your back numbah six.


stop the penistry
can someone give me a summary of episode 12, season one, of deadwood? i got about halfway through but the disk was fucked and wouldn't play anymore. so far: swearenge has laid the reverend to rest; bullock and alma are about to have dirty sex; the magistrate has just been killed. what happens in the rest of the episode?


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Maybe this list of high points from all three seasons could help a bit:

A dying Reverend Smith, seemingly from a brain tumor, is smothered to death by Al Swearengen.
Tolliver attempts to bribe General Crook to leave a garrison in Deadwood (no doubt to his own ends) but is indignantly refused.
Magistrate Clagett attempts to extort Swearengen further over the murder warrant. Swearengen's response is to hire Clagett's toll collector, Silas Adams, to murder him. Silas performs the deed and allies himself with Swearengen, becoming his agent.
As Sheriff Con Stapleton has been compromised by Cy Tolliver, Bullock volunteers to become the new sheriff as the cavalry ride out.


stop the penistry
thanks bukfan! i knew from the very first episode that bullock was going to end up sheriff in deadwood.
The first season of Deadwood is, in my opinion, the best season of a TV show that has ever been made. The way the show ended was extremely disappointing.

The best show ever made, consistently, over five whole seasons, is The Wire.


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A little late with this, but that's my way.

The awful, mind-numbing idiocy of Deadwood being cut off mid-story is that the creator left to make a god damn show about a bunch of surfers who you just wanted to slap every time the camera caught a glimpse of them. He abandoned a masterpiece to make a piece of shit that is so awful it will never even make it to DVD. Worse still, he used a couple of Deadwood actors, Paula Malcomson (Trixie) and Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter) in bit parts.


Father Luke

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Watching this:


Thanks for the suggestion.

Reading this:


Again, thank you for the suggestion.

Everyone hates my musical tastes. Here is another reason why:


The Avett Brothers will be my new favorites for a while.

They're like John Wilkes Booth meets Angus Young,
Or Earl Scruggs meets Sid Viscous

Google their YouTube stuff. For instance Seeing them perform is just some wild ass shit.

I guess that about covers it for now.

Gerard K H Love

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Hey girls! you'll love Definetly Maybe and guys if you get dragged to see it by your wife or girlfriend, you'll live through it.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Here's the real movie, Goya's Ghosts and it's a true story. Javier Bardem, now one of our favorite actors, yes the movie is from 2006, is the star.
It sure got the taste of the last movie out of my head. Thank Goodness.

Father Luke

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The story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division.

I must say the have been most haunting. I'll
be watching the movie tonight.

Just finished The Proposition. Most excellent.
Thanks for the suggestion.


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Father Luke, let us know if CONTROL is worth of watching, because i want watch it too.

I saw "Coffee and Cigarettes" last time. Well, i drink coffee, i smoke a lot so it was pretty funny when i saw film only about this and heard a lot of stories about it. It's a good movie with boring moments.
And the best part of film - for me - is "Somewhere in California" with Pop and Waits.