Seen any good movies lately?


Goldeneye (1995)
Top notch, brosnan's charisma as the agent gets immediate attention, dude was born to potray bond, im keeping my hopes high for his subsequent bond movies, i really didnt care for bond movies at all back in the day i liked action movies like those guys from rambo and the terminators but not action like that type of james bond's, somehow recently got my attention because i started playing my dusty goldeneye cartridge 64 again. and hey its not that bad for an action movie type thing.

Saw Uncut Gems finally... It was much better than I thought it would be. It is intense -- in the sense that the scenes never seem to let up, it's an anxiety-filled ride, with a good ending. Not really violent or bloody or anything like that... the cast is great -- even the bit players like the pawn shop guy, are very good. I enjoyed it -- but probably not the kind of movie you watch twice. Kind of exhausting. It's a simple story/plot, with perhaps the most self-destructive main character (Howard Ratner played convincingly by Adam Sandler) ever...