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This is from my gf in England, Beckie->

Dog Horn Literature & Art Prize Announced!
Worldwide / Artform: combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, visual arts / Contact: Adam Lowe [email protected]

Poets, short story writers and artists are invited to submit to the first ever Dog Horn Literature & Art Prize, with categories in fiction, poetry and art for works of a cutting edge or transgressive nature.

The competition is open from now until 1 April, 2010. The number of entries is uncapped, but recommend sending entries in earlier rather than later, as most entries are likely to come around the closing date.

Entries should be experimental, cross-genre or post-something in nature. We want you to challenge traditional forms and ask difficult questions. We want you to have fun and, to coin a cliche, think outside the box. In fact, we want you to take that box, cram it with Semtex and blow it to pieces.

The winner in each category will receive a publishing contract (subject to meeting editorial standards) for a book-length project of fiction, poetry, art or a combination of the three.

Here are the rules:

all entrants must be at least 18 years old at the time of submission
short stories cost £5 for the first entry (max. 5,000 words) or £7 (max. 5,001-10,000 words), with additional stories costing £4/£6, respectively
poems cost £3 for the first entry (max. 40 lines) or £4 (41 lines+), with additional poems costing £2/£3, respectively
art submissions cost £10 for the first entry, and £8 for additional entries
a short bio should be included with entries
Dog Horn Publishing reserves the right to publish winning entries and any honorable mentions on the Dog Horn website and/or in a print anthology at a later date
winners' names will be posted to the Dog Horn website in April.

Full rules and details at


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That's not uncommon for these sorts of 'competitions' in the UK. I've known writers who've paid bigger chunks than that too. They all learn eventually.
On principal, I refuse to pay to enter/submit anywhere. I know it has paid off big for writers who win awards, but it plain rubs me wrong. Fuck them all. I'd rather give my poems to a little mag no one ever heard of than pay some jerkoff $10 to read them. (Boy am I cranky this morning.)
Pretty steep fee compared to a lot of the more established and lucrative UK Competitions, but it could be a good opportunity I guess.

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