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"If high school is supposed to prepare you for life, life is really going to be a drag!!" (Sorry, that ain't Bukowski, that was me in 1974, printed for all eternity, a few months later I "discovered" Bukowski and found out I wasn't totally on my own.)
Not sure what mood you want to evoke, but here a few from Screams that I liked:

"There are a lot of dead men sitting at typewriters."

"...the typer is the carver, the ax, the cleaver, the thing with the mouth that hollers about the bloody dice. it machineguns the mind out of penury."

"Believe you are good when they tell you you are good and you are thereby dead, dead, dead."

"Why do they have to put us to sleep to teach us?"

"...a man has to go to hell 90 times to see heaven once."
Upon reflection, You dead bastards, you have death coming to you, may not be the most appropriate sentiment for your high school yearbook. For my senior year, I would have the oft-quoted, Endurance is more important than truth. Not that it has worked for me.

When Bukowski writes in the poem, I think of the little men coming out of the North with rags around their bodies and wanting to kill you, surely he wasn't refering to the Canadians...
You dead bastards, you have death coming to you,

i didn't realise it was for a high school yearbook!

so yeah, that one might be a little inappropriate. especially if you're graduating from columbine...

at that stage of life something optimistic might be better, so most of us here won't be able to
help you.
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