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Hello! My name is Victoria & I am a senior in highschool taking the AP course. Every year, the seniors must write a 5 page research paper over a literature related topic. Of course, having, " she's mad but she's magic" tattooed on the inside of my arm, I chose to write about Charles Bukowski. The question for my topic is, "How do the works of Charles Bukowski illustrate a corrupt set of morals and an oppressed society that still rings true today?"

So far, I have detailed about society in that time period. I have referenced the poems "Safe" & "The Genius of the Crowd"

Does anyone have any literary criticisms or good references I could use for my research paper? I'm light weight struggling to find stuff.
Any & all help is appreciated! I can use interviews or anything, so if anyone would like to email or skype to talk about my topic let me know & I will reference you in my essay as a critical source (as long as you seem qualified enough!)

Thank you!
any literary criticisms or good references
check out the following books:

1. Bukowski's letters (any of these books, as there are quite some)

2. 'Sunlight here I am' (book of Interviews)

3. 'King of the Underground' (PhD about Buks earlier years - till 1970 - by Abel Debritto)

4. Bukowski-biography by David Stephen Calonne, (which not only gives biographical facts, but also discusses cultural contexts)

You're welcome.

also have a look at some of Bukowski's 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man', esp in the late 60s.
David Calonne, who's a member here, may be able to point you to texts of particular significance.
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I'd rather just spend all my time doing research here because here there are NO inaccuracies. Does Danny Valdez still hang here? :p
Thank you for all your help! My library has no clue what those books are listed.. I'm going to look through the internet for them later. I chose a tough topic, :rollfool:. Thank you again though for the response I truly appreciate it. My essay is due the 12th & I'm just about done. I'm just looking for quotes and good resources to support my essay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

If you have time, you could try Russell Harrison's book as well: "Against the American Dream: Essays on Charles Bukowski", viewing Buk's writings from a working class perspective:
Uhm is this just Mr. Harrison getting angry that Bukowski's writings portray the truth of the post war society orrrrrrrr
I'd also say look at Ham on Rye in reference to Buk's beef against society which tends to marginalise outsiders and also biographical stories/poems that reference his difficulties with his father. I think Buk saw the oppression of the weak by the strong as an extension of parental bullying: authority derived from power not reason or compassion. But I guess your paper is about done.
Uhm is this just Mr. Harrison getting angry that Bukowski's writings portray the truth of the post war society orrrrrrrr
The author is basing it on Bukowski's working class position in relation to the ideal of the 'American Dream' which is, of course, something unattainable for many, if not most, working class people.

I'm just re-reading his letters (the 3 Black Sparrow volumes) and there's a load of repetition within the subject matter he deals with, he tends to go around in circles with most of these, but there are some relevant parts in his correspondence that would be well worth your reading (if you have the time to read it).
You could also contact a couple of Bukowski's editors, who are on this board. Would be an amazing paper to interview them. Certainly more than any of the other students (even in AP) will do.

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