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I recently got a Black Sparrow copy of this from a bookstore in New Jersey and to my surprise...a few of the poems and stories are missing pages.

On the publication page it reads: Seventh Printing

it starts on page 222 - blank 223-blank
those are the first two pages of Bring Me Your Love
then I have 224 and 225. two pages of this story are all that is in this book.
pages 226 and 227 are blank, no numbers, nothing.
pages 230 and 231 are blank. theres just nothing there.
pages 234 and 235 are blank.
pages 238 and 239 are, yep, you guessed it, blank.
pages 242 and 243 - blank
three pages from the story Blocked are blank (246,247,250)
the first page of the good old machine, page 251, blank.

and the rest of the book from page 252 seems to be fine.

anybody else have any Black Sparrows like this?

very weird, indeed.
I bought a copy of a novel once... I think it was Hollywood... that had 5-10 pages blank - ie a chunk of the story was actually missing.
I took it back and got another copy.
Must be a printing mishap.
YEs, it look slike the printer somehow fed the blank pages into the book. If you look, it is probably only one page, but it is cut and folded and becomes many pages. It is all how the "Signatures" are put together.

If you bought the book at a bookstore, I'd bring it back. If not, I'm sure tha someone here can xerox and supply those missing pages.

well see I didn't buy it directly through the bookstore...I went through
abebooks. It just kinda pissed me off because there are like two short stories and six or seven poems that are useless.
Unless the bookseller stated this fault on their ABE listing, you are entitled to a refund/replacement copy.
It would piss me off too!
and some of the pages are kind of soiled. its like a few of them got wet or something.

and no, the bookseller didnt say anything about blank pages.
the unfortunate part is the HASSLE of returning it, exchanging it, or getting money back...
any value/worth/interest to collectors if a BSP is missing pages...? I know that is 'sometimes' deemed a 'collectible'...

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