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Well that's interesting. I would say the painting is definitely Bukowski. But the signature? I dunno. Weird.


But the painting has Bukowski's strong feeling to it. No hesitancy. Powerful lines, blam blam blam. There you go. There's your painting. Maybe Linda signed it for him?
And the boldness of the color scheme is not unlike several of his paintings on this very site.


For example, see row 7, far left and the very last piece on that page.

Several folks have discussed how much they prefer the "portrait" work over his abstracts here. I'm a big fan of abstract, but I'll say that the subject of this thread isn't his strongest, IMO.
I'm a big fan of abstract, but I'll say that the subject of this thread isn't his strongest, IMO.

Well, shit, the nice card has been played. You know that expression you make when you're barefoot and step on a sharp rock? That was mine seeing this piece. Like his abstract, too, but this one is more suited for the guestroom.
If all agree the signature is not truly Buk's, how do we know the painting is legit? I would imagine from who's selling it? I totally agree, the painting is spot on for a Buk painting. Just curious why everyone's so sure it's legit. I didn't see anyone mention knowing the seller?
I think that the sig on this is legit. (not that I'm an expert ) But compared to other paintings it just looks sloppy to me. Also, most all of his other paintings are signed, why would he have not signed this one ? Personally I don't care for it, but that dosen't matter....
I totally agree, the painting is spot on for a Buk painting. Just curious why everyone's so sure it's legit.
It's difficult to forge art, and no expert forger would go to the trouble for a thousand dollar piece. If you see enough of Bukowski's dumb abstract paintings, his style becomes pretty evident. If this was offered to me in a private sale (for half what they're asking for here), I'd buy it without hesitation.

You know, I always say that Bukowski wasn't a great artist (and it's still true), but it says something that his style is immediately identifiable in an abstract form like this.
I wouldn't argue that, for most of the paintings he made to put into books. But you could also point to a couple dozen that were definitely not crappy (none of them are abstract). Unfortunately he was also happy to produce junk like the one in this thread. It's really difficult to make 26 (or 86 or 159) little paintings all at once, and that's how he did these. All in a day or two, on a deadline.

According to Krumhansl, he made more than a thousand paintings for BSP books:

91 - WOMEN​
148 - HAM ON RYE (101 numbered, 47 lettered)​
159 - HOT WATER MUSIC (126 numbered, 33 lettered)​
149 - WAR ALL THE TIME (101 numbered, 48 lettered)​

Looking at those numbers, I can see why he refused to do any more after 1984.
i don't actually believe that so much, either - i was going for the easy zing. that's what the internet has done to me.
The seller is Linda King's son, Scott.

Oh, got it. See I would have taken that fact, to authenticate it. But since no one had said it, I was confused. I really need a 2nd job, or need to start playing the lotto, cause I'd love that painting.
You know, I have read ALOT of Bukowski's works but I have not read any of his biographies --on purpose. I want to know the man from how he writes to me through his novels and poetry rather than the opinion of a biographer. I'm guessing these biographies are where his visual art may have been discussed, as I dont have much knowledge on the subject. So, I don't really have a strong idea of where his motivation stemmed from as a visual artist. I am beginning to wonder if Buk's "career" as a visual artist was just another way of him thumbing his nose to the artsy bourgeoisie --and laughing hysterically. "Haha, the downtrodden LA poet can wield a shit-stained brush as well as he can pound on a shit-stained typewriter --suckers!"

Correct me if I may be seeing this wrong, and please direct me to some content describing his motivations as a visual artist. If there are any.
Roni, I had only understood Ponders post to mean Linda owned it, which is why I wondered if she owned it, who is selling it on eBay?(See I was just all confused) I didn't put into the equation that someone might be selling it for her. But great info all the same, I still wish to own a Buk piece of art/painting and a Dee Dee Ramone piece of art/paiting before I die, and I'm no closer today than I was yesterday, dammit!
it's okay, nervas. how would you know.
Hint: whenever you see a Bukowski-related item together with 'purringpress' or 'purr' or something, it's a reference to Linda King. Of course, Anybody could use that reference...
Yeah, that was one of the first things I saw, and it rang a bell, but not enough. Thanks for the info Roni.

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