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Anyone know the quote in 'The Captain is at lunch and the sailors have taken over the ship' where Buk talks about how ridiculous sex feels or felt or something..... I'm almost 100% sure it's from that book.
Maybe you mean:

From 4/16/92
Yet, even during the sex act, I'd think, this is another routine. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I felt ridiculous but I went ahead anyhow. What else could I do?
Well, I should have crawled off and said,
"Look, baby, we are being very foolish here. We are just tools of nature."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, baby, you ever watched two flies fucking or something like that?"
Praise indeed :D

P.S. Don't believe the Hype ;)
You know what? I do have another question!
You might recall, if you bored yourself with my little bio I did that on myself when I joined last week that I read a couple of short stories twenty-odd years ago and wrote Bukowski off there and then.
The two stories were in the same collection I think, I'd like to find them again with my far less restricitive and judgemental mantle gone with my youth.
One was about two guys stealing a corpse, called something like 'The Copulating Mermaid' and the other was a child rape, in a barn maybe?
I dont remember anything aside from that and both tales freaked me the fuck OUT.
What/Where are these two stories and are they indicative of his short stories? I'm devouring poetry like fucking truffles over here with narry a hint of that sort of wild stuff.....
The two stories you mention are "The Copulating Mermaid Of Venice, California' and "The Fiend'. Both originally published in "Erections Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness'. This book was later split into two smaller volumes. "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories' is the one that contains those two. The other half is in a book called simply "Tales of Ordinary Madness'.

Weird, thought I'd answered that already?

Are you Anna too?
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You might have, but not to me. Unless I'm slipping into early Alheimer's which is a possibility considering how loopy I've become since pro-creating.
But I dont think I asked this one already and I'm scared to go into my profile and look at all my posts, for fear I will become ashamed of wasting everyone's time( see how I assume I have your attention?) with my stupid banter.
Thanks for the info, Hank.
Hey Hank S!

Where is this quote from?:
"Sex is only good when you're not getting any." :D​
is this a cop out i see before me?

Crumb claimed to have had a childhood sexual attraction to Bugs Bunny.
Is there a thread on the collaboration with Crumb? (he wrote not caring
that it is totally stupid and off topic)...
And he liked girls with big boobs and thighs (you saw the doc film 'Crumb'?). It is on topic (Hannah's a good babe and knows how to title a thread, I'd say). It's an attention-getter.

Im a good attention grabber yeah, but I titled it SEX beccuase the query was about SEX.
Sorry it didnt supply the wood, boys.
I'm ashamed to tease and not come through.
I can offer you only a pic I took yesterday of my last remining clit tickler next to the nice German knife I used to cut the cord off the demonic thing.
BUT you'll have to write me to see it.
Crumb and Bukowski in the same room is difficult to imagine: but SEX
probably entered the conversation at some point. In a life as well studied
at that of Bukowski there must I should think be some record of Crumb and
Bukowski together. Unaware of any letters published they may have
exchanged. I have seen the Crumb Documentary. Clearly he was the
least perverted in his very perverted family, but not by much. Unless it
was a joke he enjoyed playing on the world.

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