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I tried to check out your board, but it's impossible! It says that you have to register first! I don't think anybody would register to a message board without being able to check it out first...
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Well, take this for what it's worth but a website or message board named "Subliminal Serenity" makes me reach for my Skeptical Inquiry Pistol and quietly slip the safety off....:confused:
In the meantime, what's your forum about?
thats up for debate....

No offense, but I think you're advertising in the wrong place. But I enjoyed the endless pictures of the kid and his dog. I've never seen a proud parent post pictures of their children on the internet. You might actually be on to something.
thats my nephew... am i sensing (not so ) subtle sarcasm?
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seriously, tell us a little about your board. self-promotion is fine (within reason), but coy "what's-in-the-box?" self promotion kinda annoying (but still fine, technically, since i'm not a moderator or anything). if it sounds interesting, i'm sure you'll get some posters, probably even more than those who are just enticed by the mystery.
im actually not sure what it is about. When i started it - I wanted to go the hollistic route and discuss Homeopathic medicine and remedies... As well as energy healing and things of that nature... As of now it is just a board with random minimal discussions. I need to develop it more but im lacking the means to do so.

I guess what I am saying is... Right now its not about anything specific.

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