Shia LaBeouf Seemingly Copied Bukowski, Others For His Own Comic Books (1 Viewer)

I wonder if his publicist will claim that they were "just following orders"


Not an original idea out of his little head.

He'd get an academy award (and my eternal thanks) if he recreated this apology.

this only came out because of a larger plagiarism issue with his recent short film (which blantantly rips off a dan clowes comic). i'm starting to wonder if he's doing some stupid conceptual art project a la joaquin phoenix in 'i'm still here' about the nature of creativity and authorship or something.
Jordan - I'm wondering the very same thing. He got popped for "trespassing" at a downtown Chicago Walgreen's pharmacy a few years ago, even though the store was open for regular business hours...kinda strange. I wonder if that was part of some now-abandoned "documentary" project on THE MAN and his UNJUST CONTROL OF THE PEOPLES' MOUTHWASH AND CONDOM SUPPLIES.
i'm starting to wonder if he's doing some stupid conceptual art project...
As I was reading the article I thought the same thing, but could he have really come up with the idea for plagiarizing the apologies for plagiarizing? If so, my hat's off to him, because that's god damned funny, and really clever.

So to sum up, he's either a genius or a moron.
I'm positive that little bitch has millions of dollars and a team of lawyers, just as I'm positive that he can't act and can't fuck. Anectodal info on that last bit...

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