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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Hi, can someone help me out?

I won 10 books on ebay from the same seller.

He sent me this note:

I brought the books to the post office and without packaging it was $54.00 since it has to go through customs and has to be insured for each item. With packaging included it will come to $57.00, which includes the insurance.

Isn't it ridiculous the post office told him to insure every single book??

Anyone out here who can help and tell me the seller needs to ship the books cheaper?

Thanks a lot!
Best I can offer is that if we can get them shipped to the states cheaper, then mail them
to you, I'm quite certain any single one of us would be here to help.

Seems a bit pricey.

The next step is to find out shipping costs to you from the states from one of us.

Then on to:

Can we skirt the shipping insurance?
Is it necessary if it's just "educational" material?

Sounds like you might just want to pay, and note it in the comments you leave for him?
If they weigh less than 11 pounds, you could send them in a M-Bag, which is a $37 Flat Rate to Europe. M-Bags are for books, papers and mags only, I think to recall. You'll receive the books in a big, white, sealed bag.

Tell him to send them as a "gift" in the customs form.
The seller is willing now. But he replied me something I don't understand.

would that have to go through federal express? the post office price was the expensive.

What is he telling me? Thanks for helping me out.
I think he's asking if these M Bags that cirerita mentioned are a product of a courier company like Fed Ex, as the Post Office, USPS, quoted the high prices he offered at first.

I've never heard of M Bags, but they appear to be a USPS product so his local post office should be able to advise him.

M-Bags are from USPS for sure as I've received some of those in the past. It's the cheapest way to get books/mags in bulk as USPS no longer has International Surface mail. Sometimes the Flat Rate Box is a good option, too. It depends on the final weight of the package.
How to pay less for the books?

I really don't know anything about shipping books to foreign countries so I need a good advice about it.
1. Does anyone know what bank can provide such service because Serbia has nothing, not even paypal?
2. May I pay after the delivery?
3. What`s the cheapest way to get a book or a video, should I order from the European sites only?
I got War all the time from the USA, but I had a friend there and she paid for the shipping costs and I had to bother her to order the book from a specific site, so it's not a very happy solution for the future.
I can think of no one, on ebay or on any other site that will allow anyone to pay after delivery. Using a credit card is one thing, but you are talking about a personal line of credit. Booksellers do grant these, but you have to know them well and I would not be surprised if they did not ship on credit outside of their country.

There are many places, including UK to buy Bukowski books. Are you looking for him in English?

Maybe Father Luke can help steer you in the right direction.

Well, you might set up a bank account in a country which accepts paypal,
then have them ship it to you after they get payment.

If that helps.
A related note: the post office told me there is no more surface shipping from the U.S. to other countries, it's all air mail. The cheap economy surface rate is gone.
Global Flat Rate can be a good way to go...

Shipping to Serbia: I ship things now and then to a friend of mine in Beograd. It's not THAT remote. Sometimes it just costs and arm and leg. Koštati boga oca. (Hehe..great site Joe76)
I'd reship these for you but I can never get to the post office anymore with my work schedule. I have to weight stuff at home and stick on stamps. Out of the U.S. is a major hassle for me.

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