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I blame chronic for this but his cyst vid had me thinking we need a thread devoted to random wackiness and weirdness. Advance apologies to the ladies:

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If I may interject a spider fact...

This past spring/summer was my first w/o a cat
who used to kill/eat all spiders and random insects
on the balcony or in the kitchen

Ginsu was a hell of a disposal agent.

And as a result of his absence, I have never had to kill so many spiders as this year, under the shelves, in the bathroom, and on the windows - wherever it is that my former janitor cannot go. Seriously, I never realized how effective a cat can be ! Now I know his diet had plenty of protein because sometimes he ignored food ! Haha.

Halloween swiftly approaching and can't think of a finer treat to pass out to the little costumed darlings:

Nutty Treat.jpg

You can buy 'em here: Now at some point in the evening you'll probably get a knock on the door from people dressed as policeman - it's quite possible they won't be trick or treaters.
The next time you invite some snooty friends over for a viewing of some Eastern European (no offense to E.E. meant) artsy film about two aged lesbians sipping tea and discussing Dada and Dodo pop this puppy in and watch the tortilla chips fly.
Note to mods: no actual naughtiness displayed - just a bit of foul language.

[This video is unavailable.]
All silly fun aside I'm hoping this fellow the best for the new year.
Although this has already been removed from the tube (by Columbus Police no doubt) I saw this man at least two times per week. He used to hang at the overpass I used to take to drop my children off. I believe I recall giving him some change on several occasions. Last I heard he was arrested in California.

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