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I give my dog a 2$ street massage everyday. I should start charging her.
But I don't floss her face, so I guess that sort of disqualifies the whole ordeal.
Take a spin
now you're in
with the techno set
you're going surfing
on the Internet!

Boy: "Now that I've gotten on the Internet, I'd rather be on my computer than doing just about anything."

Wow. You got that right, kid. Too many are doing just that.

Boy: "The Internet gave us a whole world of exciting new possibilities."

Another prescient observation by the young lad.

I'd say surely qualifies as exciting (for those in the know with exquisite taste).


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Colin Steer Finds Medieval Well and Sword Under His Plymouth, England, Home

"For 25 years, Colin Steer was bewildered by a sunken portion of the floor under the couch in his Plymouth, England, home. At one point, he dug about a foot under the floor, but his wife, Vanessa, stopped him from going farther [...]

Steer, with the help of a friend, uncovered a 30-inch-wide, 33-foot-deep medieval well under the floor that site plans indicate could date back to the 16th century, British tabloid The Telegraph reported.

Hidden deep inside was a sword, which Steer grabbed while he was excavating the well, and using a rope to lift out debris."


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Last night I dreamed that I was in a basement with a bunch of people (I think it was my basement, not that I have a basement, but it was a dream, ya dig?) and David Lee Roth came in. He was carrying a boombox and he sat down and turned it on and some David Lee Roth music blasted out. I wasn't amused so I said, "I don't want a David Lee Roth concert, turn it off." And Roth just sat there grinning in that way that he does. I went and got my Louisville Slugger, smashed the boombox and said, "I asked nicely."

I don't remember what happened after that. But at least it was quiet.


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Great channel if you’re into movies and/or movie reviews. I've been watching them for a few years now. This is their review of Glen Danzig's hilariously bad directorial debut.

Who the fuck is she? seems like, someone not famous, but then does some stupid shit and gets famous, and then, not famous again ...
She's an actress who mostly appears in teenage comedies and that kind of crap, but she's very good nonetheless. Known for her deadpan humor. I'd really recommend Ingrid Goes West, a movie where she plays a crazy fan who stalks her favorite Instagram star, eventually deciding to go to LA to "casually" become her friend.

d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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ha! i've watched that wing show many times. i've also been there many times. one time some "friends" dared
me to eat the hottest wings at a toronto buffalo wings place and would pay for them if i finished
all 10. my head was literally dripping pouring sweat and the manager came over and asked if i was alright.
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