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Bukowski at the convenience store.


Black Swan

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Read that today. Read that his laptop was in the plastic bag. The boars had previously stolen a whole pizza from the guy.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
“His hands are trembling, how?” the person behind the camera asks. “Oh, it’s fits (seizures),” the brother, identified by Indian media as Saravanan, says. “How can that be possible if he’s dead?” the person asks, to which Saravanan responds: “His soul has not left him yet.”

How stupid and superstitious can people be? 🙄


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That's a common scam whenever a new iPhone or iDingaling or whatever comes out. But usually, it's a genuine shrinkwrapped iDingaling box with something heavy in it, and the sucker victim buys it out of a car trunk in a parking lot somewhere...

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the world is truly going/gone insane. the guy in the truck didn't like the way the other guy parked so he scratched his
vehicle then tried to run the guy over. video follows.

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