short movie called 'Bukowski' (1 Viewer)

Well, that was very good! I almost didn't click the link. Once bitten, twice shy you know.
The young actor looked like a young roni and had a very nice complexion. Good one, Ponder. I liked the way he ended up with the little blond, nice touch.
What is the book he was reading I wonder?

Possibly What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire based on a clue or two the boy drops - a big white dog with a curly tail...called Igloo. He must have read some Hemingway at a previous hotel. Heh. Good short. Thanks, Ponder.
roni, try Real Player (if you have it). File > Open and paste in this URL :-


Edit: 12/Nov/2010 - Well it worked yesterday :(

Maybe try
Thanks hanksolo.

As your edit tells me: you already know, that this doesn't work (anymore) either.
Doesn't anybody have that thing downloaded and can provide a link?
roni, another go. Try opening this URL in Windows Media Player (or similar)

Does this work for you?


But I think Ponder is right, it's delivered via Silverlight, so it may not play from anywhere unless your browser supports it. Silverlight is just the latest pain in the ass from Microsoft that they will abandon in 2 years to put out something else that does the same thing. I'm up to my neck in their web technology every day and it's a nightmare.
I wish to THANK all you beautiful, nice, kind people who engaged in helping my cause (and maybe even other people's causes too)!!!

You are a bunch of coool cats!
Meanwhile, I was able to see, yet even to DOWNLOAD, the flick due to your efforts!

(ps: yeah, I had that 'Silverlight-installation-demand' from the begining, but didn't see, why I should do such a thing, when the web has so MANY possibilities to show movies without that and besides, I find it unbearable to demand this Microsoft-addon even in browsers like firefox and opera [all of which I've tried as well as several browser-independent downoad-options].)

in return - here're screenshots of my favorite scene:


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