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Hello, my fellow dirty old men, I was just wondering if anyone of you know of any good places for posting stories on the web.... Please let me know, the few I found were pretty damned horrible. (Or maybe it just was my stories that sucked) :p I'm not a serious writer though it certainly is a good way to go, I mostly write drunken stories about me and those that come around my way (a little TOO Buk inspired maybe?) Anyhow, let me know if you have a good place, I don't really need more than one.
Your best place would probably be or

All the sites that allow you to post your stuff amongst the works of others are choking with works that are never redd by anyone other than the posters themselves---or, if they are redd and commented upon, they are only redd and commented upon by people who want you to read and comment upon their stuff. It's sort of a circle jerks kind of thing. "I'll rub yours if you'll rub mine." So why bother? Those sites do NOT attract non-writers or publishers or agents. They are little more than masturbation booths.

Do the myspace thing and then post a link in the signature of your posts to forums like this one.

(Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be helpful and cool. I am very wonderful & marvellous but rarely get to show off these qualities. I am the best me there is---or ever was. ;) )
Good creative writing section on ILOVEPHILOSOPHY.COM

Good FORUM all round actually.
but if it is purely creative writing.
still worth a visit and a post.

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