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I was so excited to see this movie. Now I would be really excited if I could get my 9 dollers back. It was really long and relatively uneventful. I was expecting a lot more. Anyone else seen it yet?
Wow, everything I keep reading about the movie says it's great. I was expecting bad reviews. I will check it out, maybe within the next two weeks, if it's still in theaters.
Went to see this with Mr. G last Friday. We both enjoyed it, me I think more so than he. But, I'm such a Scorsese fangirl it's ridiculous. The style reminded me of Cape Fear, and the music was so overdone... but I like what he did with the genre, and I thought all the actors delivered, given the genre and the ultimate story line (it was meant to be over-dramatic I think).
The problem here ( in Germany) is that we can see the movies a few months ago at the cinema than you . It`s good to have a friend with a U.S.A Flatline for downloads . I saw some parts of the movie . Leo is a good actor and I like Scorcesse . And like Lolita says : It reminds me of Cape of Fear , me too .
Hey , and a friend of mine in my neighbourhood plays with Leo in his childhood, and push him to learn to ride on his bicycle and build castles in the sandbox with him.
Cause he is born in Oer- Erkenschwick , Germany .
I agree, I also paid $9.00 and halfway through it wished I had spent it on something else. And the trailer is deceitful, I was expecting a different type of movie than what I saw on the screen.

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