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Okay! Update time:

Michael at Sick Fly has decided on a long short story for the chapbook. He's going to start printing soon, as well as putting some pages in the mail for me to sign. We're looking at an early 2016 release.

The name of the story? this time, right here.
This is still going to be in the Sick Fly series, correct? I've pre-ordered the next set of five. I'd say Michael at Tangerine who publishes Sick Fly, but that's just me. :rolleyes:
I got an today indicating that the next five Sick Fly editions will be shipping next week. There are only 23 of each, so move your meat or lose your seat as the classy women of the 1950's used to say.
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I have it on good authority there are only three left.

We all know that we shouldn't question good authority. I think. But when I think about it that really goes against what I've thought for the past 30 or so years: question authority.

Anyway. Whatever. Stop over thinking. Just get one before they are gone.

If you want to question authority, that's up to you. I'm tired from shilling. I need to lay down.
Fitting, as there's always a lot of crumpled paper when I write.

Thanks for the kind words, Monsignor Lally.
well, i haven't posted here in 15 months, and my last words were "fuck you"... but i happened to be in the neighborhood and had to comment on this. can't wait, looks great, tangerine press is amazing. i've mostly stopped collecting small press stuff these days, but one of the special hardcovers is a must-buy. congrats!

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