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I just won this on eBay and I'm hoping I didn't buy a forgery...

I can't believe the defender of bought that. Is that your Bluebird, your soft underbelly? How can you expose yourself like that? The next time your laying down a major bitch slap on some rude little snot nose newbie I'm going to link this post to let them see the real mad behind the curtain. The real man turning the knobs and booting their asses out into the cold.
I'm laughing.
Don't you see? The robot is painting a picture! Jesus christ, where else are you going to get that? And with Dr. Smith!

It is a vintage photo but a 1995 signature.
umm. is this the start of your midlife crisis? if so, well done. because fucking your secretary in your new Corvette is a little overdone.

but the robot photo? nice. and the little gay guy checking out the robot? extra nice.

at least there's no need for you to get a toupee, although a weave might be ok.

sorry to burst your bubble but it's obviously the robots handwriting.

didn't you hear about the big 'Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot' forgery ring back in the day?
On the power pack!

I don't really care about the signature. This was originally meant as a joke in the "signed books" forum, but I moved it out of there. I really bought the picture, of course (who wouldn't?) but I just think it's funny. I'll probably hang it up behind my desk in an elaborate frame to highlight its greatness. I could only wish it was forged by B-9, the Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot (or robut, as the Robinson father would say).
I think it's cool! I remember a painter who got his little son to paint an abstract painting and then the painter exhibited the painting in his own name. The same thing was done with a monkey instead of a kid, I believe. Using a robot is just taking the same idea one step further. I think it's a hilarious idea.
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jeez i don't know what's uglier his paintings or that pube transplant on his head.

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