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Hello, I'm new to the forum and stumbled upon it recently. I was hoping you guys may be able to help me determine if this Bukowski signature looks good. I went through the site, and Googled a lot of different signatures to compare, but couldn't really get anything I felt conclusive.

According to the auction, it's from the "jazz soup" version of Barfly, for which Google was equally unhelpful. Can anyone lend a hand? Thank you in advance

If it's the one I am thinking of, the lister says it came from Red's. On the other hand, the seller is selling a signed Hell's Angels as a First Edition, but it's a book club copy (although it could easily be the seller's honest ignorance.)
Ah, awesome kind of. Thank you for the replies guys. I took a screenshot of the back of the signed page, but am not sure what I'm looking for when seeing if it's a photocopied signature or not. I'll post the pic, and will email the seller and ask what the story is.

I don't know anything about the "Jazz-Soup" version, but does it seem odd to anyone that it's dated April 1980? The original Paget Press book came out in 1984. I didn't realize that he'd worked on this for that long.
But I don't know you can trust those Registered dates either. I say that because I honestly don't know. But my thinking is that's something that's done when it is first registered -- and not necessarily updated with each revision. Any screen writers in here?
Is that a good thing? Or does it give more credibility to the item's authenticity? I tried to Google that, but Google still remains unhelpful.

The seller said they took it out and closely examined it, appears to have impressions left from the pen used when it was signed, and that they would give me a refund if I didn't feel satisfied in any way.

The general consensus is that it's a real signature, assuming the seller is truthful in it being signed and not a xerox?
Oh, I get it. Excellent, thank you all very much for the help. It is very much appreciated, as I had concerns when going into this all. Thanks again.

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