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i recently put a signed copy of Women on layaway and would like to know that if I show a picture of the signature and inscription that if anybody here can let me know if it is authentic
This is the signature and inscription. I would love to know if it is authentic.

There was a cool story behind this too that I think might help determine when it was signed. The book store I'm buying this from got it from the lady who me this book was signed too and she said that she went to the race track and found Buk and that he was in a good mood and signed it for her with the inscription. I always wanted just one book of his signed and this inscription made me buy it. Thank you guys so much for the responses! And another that inscription itself rare? Has it been written in other books before?
at first read i thought it said "i left some of the logmen out..."

nice one.
I have a first edition copy of Betting on the Muse with an inscription to his publisher John Martin that reads:

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST John, I was nice enough to put up with your crap when I was alive, can you please stop rapping my dead corpse?"

There, I said it... Rape.

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