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Yep, and the seller is very reputable and known to us all as a top notch Bukowski Seller. That is Scott from Abandoned Planet.

I don't understand why anyone would spend 11 years building a reputation on eBay and then change their username.

But I guess your aim doesn't have to be very good to shoot yourself in the foot.
Ugh. Yeah I'm watching and drooling... and sighing at being too poor to afford it.

And I wondered if that at AP selling... Strange to change a reputable name...
He changed his name when he closed his store. He still kept his good years of history and feedback.

I changed my used name after buying and selling for 5 or six years.

Sometimes it just makes sense.

I'll send a free chapbook (up to $10 value) to the first person that can name my old ebay user name...

right! Did you remember, or is there a way to look that up?

Those were the good l=old days when I was a high bidder on a lot of stuff before my expenses changed... Ha!

Please send me a book or two (up to $10) and I'll mail it out!

That's pretty frickin' cool! I really need to start playing the lotto in hope that I could just buy this kind of stuff whenever it presented itself. Still no bids, maybe money is still pretty tight all over, but damn.

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