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Signed HC Factotum, 2nd Print - $350 (1 Viewer)


I'm going to put this up online next week if nobody here is interested. I've had it in the shop for a while at $400, which I think is a pretty fair price. ABE has a signed #/250 for $1750 (though that IS James Cahill who always goes to the highest end of pricing, it seems), eBay has a signed #/250 for $1000 obo, and Bill of BoS is offering a first trade for $350.

Signed 2nd print of Factotum from 1976, with inscription and little man doodle. The book is in really nice shape, boards are clean and tight, spine is great. The only flaw is a tiny ink stain on the bottom of the text block. I can send more pictures if you're interested.

If I've done my uploading properly, the small pic should link to a big pic. If not, then it's just proof that I'm an idiot. Cheers.

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