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Dear all.

Now looking for a signed letter/document/poem or manuscrips suitable for framing. Ebay is a jungle so looking for advise where to look, and what to expect to pay those days?
And if any of you out there have stuff looking for a new home, I would gladly hear about it.

All the best for 2009 and many thanks in advance,
Signed letters/Poems are hit or miss on ebay. There were two collectors that got in a bidding war a few years ago. This drove the prices up from $50 - $100 each (pre 2002?) to over $1500 at its height. They are probably now about $500 each, but some of what is being offered on ebay is not worth $500. Many of these are very short poems. The sellers remember seeing the high prices and are not so eager to start them really low as there is a real possibility that they will not sell for what they now perceive the real (which is still inflated, IMO) value.

I sold a carbon copy, signed poem from the late 60s for about $1200 on ebay about 6 months ago, to give you an idea.

The letter that just sold for $300+ on ebay was not what I would call a good letter. Really, it was just a short correspondence sent with poems.

Are you looking for a poem that you love, letter with great content, or just something that looks nice to hang up?



p.s. welcome to the forum.
Thanks Bill.

Surprised and pleased to get such great help from the word GO!
Having already numerous signed items from a selection of authors, artists, actors etc I have come to realize that what really makes it happen for me is stuff from the "real life" of the person. A signed book is indeed nice, but not that personal, and after a while (knowing myself) it would end up in the book shelf, not forgotten, but certainly not enjoyed enough.. with that said I would therefore prefer a signed letter page, a submitted poem, a small sketch, something from the real life of Buk,.

I recently went to an Andy Warhol exhibition in London. Amongst the objects on display there were numerous handwritten letters sent between mr Warhol and various people. seeing stuff like that really blows ones mind. Maybe trivial at the time, but now, in the light of history it becomes magical. I am sure you get what I mean.
So no, it does not have to be a specific poem or something that I really love, but instead a piece of "real" Bukowski history.

The prices you mention are reasonable, even though it is somewhat frustrating to see how much prices have rocketed in a few years. Do we know who those two "collectors" are? Are they consequently holding on to their stuff, or do they resell from time to time? What would be the best source to come by such item as described?

All the best, and again many thanks for the warm welcome.
Do we know who those two "collectors" are? Are they consequently holding on to their stuff, or do they resell from time to time? What would be the best source to come by such item as described?
The people who drove up the manuscript prices did so at the tail end of the height of availability, so they do not own the bulk of the manuscripts. I'm not sure any one person has a large (500 or more manuscripts) holding anymore, but of course someone could be quietly siting on a large holding.

The best source is still eBay, because rare book dealers who used to sell manuscripts at reasonable prices all seemed to adjust those prices up in mid and late-2003, when prices were at their peak, and have yet to bring them back down. Sometimes you can get a better deal on eBay, though quality is hit and miss.
I know I was shocked when Powell's had a couple single sheet poems for $900 and $1500 a piece about a year ago... Seemed waaaaay too high, even when I didn't know market value...

Other signed stuff seems to have jumped a bit in recent years even outside of Bukowski stuff...

Abuot a year and a half ago, Powell's had a signed copy of Wait Until Spring, Bandini for about $250... now the cheapest I see is $500. I realize supply and demand and such, but still... seems crazy.
Thanks to all for much useful and interesting comments.
I have already got some promising leads from fellow forum members.
Stay tuned and please make sure to let me know if you have something that might be of interest.

Greetings from Geneva.

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