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hi guys - i have stumbled across a hand signed manuscript dated 5-19-92. i was wondering if any one here knew of its rarity or value.? the poem has been printed on an early 90's style printer in that token apple mac font.
the poem is entitled ' we are always one step removed' - which appeared in the book 'sifting through the madness... '.

any help would be most appreciated. thanks in advance.
You "stumbled" across it? Not bought, purchased, gifted or "borrowed?". God, I hate the misuse of that word. So fucking non-committal.
Not helpful, I know. Your poem first appeared in New Censorship. Vol. 4, #2-1993.
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what has how i acquired it got anything to do with you? and yeah i already know that from a quick search , so you're right - not helpful on both counts .
I guess i'm more asking does any one know of his process for making these in that period? In my mind, he was still writing numerous poems a day, but how many would he print and sign? is that the date he wrote the poem? was he emailing them to John martin? i guess i'm more interested in this piece of papers journey. is it a reject from "last night on earth" . i know all these questions are unanswerable. but does any one have any insight . ?
any help would be most appreciated. thanks in advance.
A picture would be nice, it could be added to the list of manuscripts that we already have. We could also compare the manuscript to the published version and find out if it has been martinized ( edited by John Martin).
Some folks will be able to verify the signature for you.
Yeah true - I aimed that comment at Kim Jung un , who I clearly see can offer nothing insightful . I guess every forum needs it's token asshole though .
Thanks everyone else .

I will take. Photo and post it , good idea . Thanks
I don't know much about this forum , and I am only making an assumption based on your snide comments - but it would seem you have the role pretty much wrapped up . Apologies if I'm wrong.

I'm actually really surprised John Martin would edit any of his work at all
My mother-in-law gives pretty good head. How about that x2 and 10 "original" Thomas Kinkade prints? Her husband killed himself after she spent their retirement on Kinkade prints and 10,503 Beanie babies.

My point being, you have no appreciation for what you "stumpled across" and you'd get more pissed if someone broke into your house and stole your favorite Michael Bolton CD...
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I'm actually really surprised John Martin would edit any of his work at all

yep, on this forum there is a clear distinction made between Buk poems published while he was living and those published posthumously, some of which have been "Martinized" quite inexplicably.
Pogue ! - that's so cute that you're having a wild stab in the dark as to where my appreciations lie. It's hilarious how wrong you are - keep going though . One day you might get something right , like how to spell stumbled etc .

I'm surprised how rude some people can be when they are hiding anonymously behind a computer .

any of you guys have another of these ?

@Black Swan - wow . you're right . Martin edited it alright , made it worse.
there is nothing about washing his car in the original.
- the ending is as follows
"will be writing things to make us forget all else,
everybody else,
except maybe the young man to
amongst other subtle differences like he refers to Bukowski rather than Chinaski.
a hand signed manuscript dated 5-19-92. i was wondering if any one here knew of its rarity or value.?
Rarity is about 5 on a scale of 100. There are thousands of Bukowski poem manuscripts in circulation and thousands more in university and museum collections.

Value is also on the low side, considering it's a computer printout. The carbons and originals are more valuable since they came to life in his typewriter rather than a computer printer. That being said, there are still people who will buy it.

It was signed and dated on the day he printed it. As for being "a reject from "last night on earth"," since it was written after that book was published that seems unlikely. Assuming you mean The Last Night of the Earth Poems, since last night on earth isn't a Bukowski book.
Thanks @mjp . Is this likely to be the only signed manuscript of this particular poem ?

If so - in my mind it makes it more unique than a 1/750 signed book . I'm not asking to get a monetary value . Just an idea of its place in the mans history . Sorry if I appear naive . I guess I am .
Is this likely to be the only signed manuscript of this particular poem ?
It's likely there are at least two.

As for a place in Bukowski's history, every manuscript has a place. But the thing is, as I mentioned, there are thousands of them, so a manuscript of a well-known poem, an early manuscript, a first-generation typescript, a hand written manuscript or a manuscript that describes some well-known event, is naturally going to have more historical interest and relevance than one of many later manuscripts of average poems.

But again, there is a buyer for any Bukowski manuscript. People place their own value on things. To me the Xeroxes and computer printouts are extremely uninteresting. I don't own any and I wouldn't buy any, but I've seen some of them sell for a lot of money. So what appeals to me doesn't really mean anything.
I can't believe you guys are even entertaning/trying to educate this asswipe... There have been much more innocent people who came here looking for advice who were completely trashed -- especially women. Every question this guy asks is leading to the question: "How much can I get for it?" Sorry, but that's the fucking truth... If you were nicer to other people who had a signed book who had no idea what it was worth, I'd get your response here. Just because this guy has a manuscript should not buy him a nicer response...
not everyone has to be a fuckwit just because they can - @Pogue Mahone .
i'm not selling it
I obviously missed the point of a 'bukowski forum'.
if you don't like it - don't read it . It's pretty obvious who's the as swipe here chief.
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I'm growing weary of people who can't recognize when criticism is justified and when it isn't. I'm also growing weary of people who contribute nothing but smart ass remarks and insults. If that's all you bring to the table, your days here are numbered.

If you feel like that statement is aimed at you - whoever you are - it probably is, and you should think about what it means, because it feels like it's time to clean house around here.

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