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I just bought a signed copy of Poems Written Before Jumping... off eBay. On leafing through the book, I noticed that there was a correction made on page 33. The poem is 'The Hairy Hairy Fist, And Love Will Die'. I'm wondering whether this was made by Bukowski or someone else. It seemed a bit odd to me. I'd be really interested to hear what people here think.

I've attached a photo of the page, hope it's clear enough. I've also added photos of his signature and sketch which appear on two consecutive pages at the start of the book. Would appreciate thoughts on these too.

Thanks in advance.



yeah, the sig looks good and the correction is likely by Bukowski. To me, it looks right.

Little men look right too.

My guess is that this was signed for a friend. For him to take the time to make the correction and draw the little men, it was clearly not done at a reading.

This is the 1968 stapled edition with David Horton cover, correct? I think that the second printing with light blue cover was after 1970 anyway, so it can only be the 1968 first edition.

Thanks Bill. Yep, this is the 68 edition. I think the second edition was from 75.

Have you seen Bukowski make a correction to a published book before? I'm surprised that he would even notice such a small detail...
I have not seen him make a correction like this before in a book, but it either a) annoyed him and he wanted to change it or b) the person that had it signed pointed it out and he corrected it. I vote for B, although this was signed in 1970, so it was fresh in his mind and probably bugged him that such a typo could be made.

The writing certainly looks right.

The book was published by a hippie collective that included Charles Potts. Anyone that read Valga Krusa by Charles Potts would wonder that this book even came out and that there was only one typo. Lots of drugs.....
That's a nice addition to your collection. Considering the price that non-signed copies go, I think you got a decent buy.
...just to record for future reference (as ebay listings go away in 90 days), the price paid was $386, which is a pretty decent price considering the art, etc.

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