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This looks wrong for a couple reasons, but mainly because you never see the two big loops after the B in "Bukowski" in a genuine signature. I never have anyway. Maybe someone else has.

I think that it is real. The "Charles" looks 100% legit. If this is from Vinegar Hill, it could be after a long day of signing and drinking at his birthday party. Everything looks fine, except the "B". Still, it is not worth $495 even if you have a photo of Bukowski signing this exact copy. As a later edition sogned paperback, it is worth, what, $150?

Jezuz! $495 for 1993 paperback of Post Office! You could get a copy of Crucifix for less. That would be a much better buy...
Having looked this over for a while, the sig looks a bit suspect. I was going to post this, and I'm glad that someone else had a similar thought.

The Charles looks OK, but the Bukowski looks somewhat unsettling. Then again, it's a 1993 pressing, so it may be legit, given Buk's declining years. In looking at my signed "Betting on the Muse," I'd have to say it's good. A good sig, but not worth $495, IMO.

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